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Do you know you can make money online through the importation business?

However, you need to copy my surefire method. Let me practically show you:

1. How You Can Order Products Live from in USA with Your Nigerian Address and Phone Number (MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL, STARCOMMS, etc.)

    Contrary to popular opinion, I recently discovered that Nigerians can buy products directly from Amazon in USA and the product will be delivered to their Nigerian address.

    In fact, you don’t need Virtual US address or Virtual US phone numbers at all! Your Nigerian Address & Phone Number is what you need. Your products will be delivered within 7 business days.

     When I discovered this secret, I quickly STOPPED using MyUS who have been charging exorbitant shipping fees for the same service (Mind you, I am the first online information marketer to teach this most recent but simple method in Nigeria, and I am not talking about books but real physical products like laptops, tablets, phones, fridges, etc., shipped from Amazon).

2. How to Order Products Live on 'Secret Website A'

   There is a website in China where you can get Samsung Galaxy S5 for ($90 or N 19,800.00); this same Galaxy S5 costs N97,000 in Nigeria, no kidding.

     I call this website 'Secret Website A'.

    In fact, here are some of the products you can order from the website and their respective cost prices in Nigeria:

importation seminar
Importation wealth
mini-importation business seminar in nigeria

Not yet convinced?

See proofs of products I recently purchased from the Secret Website A. The product arrived on time and was it was delivered to my doorstep in Abeokuta.

mini-importation guide download


3. How to Order Products Live from 'Secret Website B'

   'Secret Website B' is the Chinese website where you can get the cheapest products on earth! Yes, I am dead serious.

   You can import completely new mini-laptops for as low as ₦12,000.00.

   When I discovered this Secret Website B, I nearly fainted at the prices of products sold on it. In fact, when one of my colleagues in school saw the website, she screamed-out-loud in awe.      

   Why Haven’t You Heard About this Website Before Now?

  1. You See, many of the so-called importation gurus don’t know this secret website yet because this website is where Chinese Manufacturers and Wholesalers sell products to Chinese middlemen who now resell the products on Aliexpress at high prices.

  2. Some importers know this website but keep it to themselves and keep making 200%-1000% profit in their importation business. Yes, 1000 percent profit!

  However, I shall be revealing this Classified Secret ONLY to YOU inside my ebook.

Use this knowledge to your advantage and make good money before others discover it.

Here are examples of what you can order from Secret Website B at insanely cheap prices:

    Mini-importation business demystified  
    The same mini laptop is sold in Nigeria for prices ranging from 25K to 35K.  
  mini-importation business ideas    
This product was one of the bestselling products on for several months.
Dear friend, see, the middle-men sellers on Aliexpress has been ripping you off your hard-earned money. In fact, the suppliers on Aliexpress are VERY greedy...
mini importation business fast selling product ideas
This product was one of the bestselling products on for several weeks.


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