*This Is the Final Solution to:

Premature Ejaculation, Weak Erection,
Small Dick Size


Low Sperm Count for ALL Naija men !

A recent devastating study revealed that at least 10 million Nigerian men suffer from Erectile  Dysfunction & Sexual dissatisfaction caused by
Quick Ejaculation
and Small Penis size.

However, the most PATHETIC REPORT is that most affected men seek

Cure to prmature ejaculation in nigeria

Quick or Premature Ejaculation - is when you cum within 5 seconds to 5 minutes of sexual pleasures.

 * Premature ejaculation is so demeaning that it makes your woman disrespect you. She will CALL you  impotent (one-minute man) when describing you to her friends. She will even do same not minding if your family members are seated close to the stick of her nose. Women LOVE it when fun is uninterrupted not minding whether you are a Pastor, Imam, Bishop, Reverend or Alpha, period!

 * Small manhood (dick size) is synonymous to the GREATEST TRAGEDY that could befall a living man. Your woman {with an offensive look} will ask you,
"What is this thing you carry in your  trousers, pencil or broomstick?"

Let me tell you this true life story:

 His face covered in shame, I recently met a man who secretly confessed to me that when having fun with his partner, he ejaculated within 10 seconds
of penetration

 The woman he was with simply told him,

"Look, I did not ask you to come and urinate inside me. Get yourself out of my house you this useless urinator."

The man told me he cannever forget that experience, or the disgraceful words: 'Useless Urinator!'

free delivery sex delay pump

The truth is, you are a REAL man if you can last 30 minutes to 1 hour per round. What makes you a  REAL man is NOT your money but your dexterity at giving a good Konji—take it or leave it!

Maybe you also don't know that:

  • Each and every woman wishes to experience that intense feeling called orgasm.
  • It takes on average, 20 minutes before most women reach cloud nine.
  • Most men climax within 5 minutes.
  • Sex is best enjoyable when you & her reach cloud nine at the same time.
  • 85% of Nigerian women has NEVER experienced orgasm during pleasure, and that is because
  • 85% of Nigerian men has NEVER given their women that intense 'organismic' ecstacy.
  • You need at least 7.5-inches length of your joystick to ignite her g-spot.
  • Women go crazy for men with 6-packs & big joysticks as much as men craze for big boobsbuttocks!

  See, today you are in luck, because I have brought you 2 good news:

 The first good news is that the Solution is Approved and Certified by NAFDAC because it is RELIABLE, it WORKS, and, it has NO SIDE EFFECT whatsoever ....

nafdac approved solution to male sexual dysfunction in nigeria

 The second good news is that I have brought the solution to your problems right in your arms; ALL  you need are these Simple therapeutic solutions guaranteed to make her praise you & love you more!

These are the 2-TALISMANIC SOLUTIONs that has proven effective against the trio problems of

Product 1
MK Increase' Penis Enlargement Oil

cure for premature ejaculation
Product Code: MK Oil
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'MK Increase' Penis Enlargement Essential Oil provides the necessary nutrients for the penis and testicles to expand blood volume, stimulate the sponge and stretching tendons to help those with small or tiny PENIS to grow BIGGER and LONGER Naturally FAST within 14-21 days!

Product 2
Libiron Super Sexual Capsules

Product Code: Libiron
Former Product Price: N20,500.00
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Price: N7,500.00 (
85% OFF!)
Shipping Charges: N2,000.00
Total (Product Costs + Shipping) = Pay N9,500.00 Only

Use this natural herbal capsule to help your intercourse last longer: It will help you reach lasting orgasm; enhance your sexual performance; delay ejaculation; give you strong & solid erection, and give you long, lasting stamina that will make her beg for more....

2-in-1 New Year Promo Offer !
1 MK Penis Enlargement Oil    +   Libiron Capsules

Product Code: 2-in-1

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So, with N15,000 you get: 1 Libiron + 1 MK Oil + 1 Peineili Spray

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Delivery Charges:


* Pay Cash on Delivery Nationwide !

    Pay on delivery for male organ enlargement pump

Pay for Our products only when they have been delivered to you hand-to-hand or face-to-face by our  partner logistic agents (the agents will hand-over the product to you, you check it before you pay!).

We DELIVER Our Products to the 36 States: Abia, Adamawa, Bauchi, Cross Rivers, Edo, Imo, Jigawa, Borno, Ebonyi, Delta, Rivers, Ondo, Osun, Ogun, Oyo, Kogi, Kebbi, Kwara, FCT, Abuja, Yobe, Zamfara, Gombe, Anambra, Akwa Ibom, Plateau, Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Lagos, Ekiti, Taraba, Sokoto, Nasarawa, Benue, Bayelsa, Niger and Enugu. You Pay after receiving the products.

Your Total Cost (Product fees + Delivery fees )

* 1: N9,000.00 if you are buying MK Penis Enlargement Oil (1 Pcs)
* 2: N9,500.00 if you are buying Libiron Super Capsule only
* 3: N15,000.00 if you are buying MK Penis Oil + Libiron Capsule

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This is JUST a Promo Offer. Prices will increase and this page will disappear very soon!

(Please, Read Our Terms and Condition Below Before You Order)
How to Order

* Simply Text (SMS) the following details to
(+234) 0810 285 6155
or admin@myamein.com

                                                    1. Product Code:.................................................

                                                    2. Your Name: ....................................................

                                                    3. Your VALID Shipping Address: (include your                                                               Local Govt. Area & State)........................................

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                                                    5. Order Quantity (Packets): ..........................

Our shipping and delivery agents will call you within 12 hours to Verify & Parcel your orders to you.

Delivery Time: Delivery time is 2-8 Business days.


Terms and Conditions for Placing Your Order

1. Order our products ONLY if you ALREADY have the CASH to pay for delivery.

2. DO NOT order this product if you are travelling within the next 4 days except you have someone who can help you collect it.

3. The products will be delivered to you via our COURIER partners within 1-5 business days.

4. Our FREE gift offer is not forever, it will expire at the stipulated date/time. DO NOT ASK US FOR FREE GIFT if you do not order before the expiry date.

5. FREE GIFT is ONLY for customers that order the 2-in-1 Solution.

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Testimonials from previous customers

premature ejaculation solution for men

Testimonies from some customers who bought our products:

Thank you sir, I have started using the products.
I have already see the work ....

Fantami, Borno State (0802 xxx xxx x).

Thanks my dear Alfred for your assurance, I am waiting for you at anytime, may god bless your company.
Chiagozie, Akwa Ibom State (0806 xxx xxx x).

My first order was delivered, and it is working.
Please I need another order.

Robert, Akwa Ibom State (0803 xxx xxx x)

Alfred that order you sent to me is working, I need another one for my friend, you already have the address you can send it.
Kalango, River State (0803 xx 896 33)

Please join me as I give glory to God almighty for given us a baby boy, mother and baby are fine.
Orji, (0803 xx x55 64)

Unlike other products I have bought and used, the 3 products work very well; in fact, I will recommend it for other people.
05/12/2016 — Mrs Makinde, Ogun State (0803 538 668x)

Alfred, I just must confess, that product you sent to me, I really I am enjoying it. It is really working for me. Thank you, God bless you.
20/1/2017 Mr Christopher E., Nasarawa State (0806 953 23x4)

Other Details + Product Confidentiality & Privacy

  • The two products are safe and they will not harm you or cause any form of deformity.
  • The products will be delivered with top-most confidentiality (we shall pack and seal them well).
  • These therapies have worked for many people using our products. They will also work for you.
  • We sell 1 MK Penis Oil + Libiron Super Capsule for N15,000.00 naira
  • The products are well inspected before being parceled, we ensure 100% product, no damages.
  • The product will be delivered to you by our partner courier company so give 5-8 days for delivery.
  • Please download the book above to LEARN more about how to use the products.
  • Send ALL your inquries to the phone no or email provided above.
  • We are EARNESTLY expecting your own testimonies. Peace....
Premature ejaculation pill and male penis enlargement pump
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